Navigating WhatsApp Restrictions: From Ban to Activation

WhatsApp might place restrictions on accounts suspected of spam activity. However, the silver lining is that these blocked numbers can be reinstated. Let's explore why WhatsApp imposes these bans, how to avoid them, and the steps to take if your account gets blocked.

Reporting Annoyances and Spam on WhatsApp

WhatsApp enables you to report entities bothering you with unwanted "offers". Simply click on the "Spam" button to do this.

The Mystery of WhatsApp's Algorithm

WhatsApp's algorithm, designed to detect and block suspicious accounts, is a bit of a mystery. Only Meta has insights into its workings and triggers. However, it's quite efficient, banning without any prior warning. So, don't fall for stories about spam senders escaping its radar, WhatsApp's algorithm operates in unpredictable ways.

Tips to Avoid Getting Banned

  • Ensure that the user initiates the conversation; this helps to prevent the "Mark as Spam" button from appearing.
  • Only send messages to your trusted contacts or clients.
  • Avoid repeating the same message. Personalize them.
  • Give users the option to subscribe and unsubscribe from your mailing list.
  • Avoid sending links, especially in the initial message.
  • Warm up new numbers before using them for bulk messaging.
  • When using bots, limit your message rate to 6-12 per minute.
  • Do not scan the QR directly when registering a new account or restoring a blocked number.
  • Avoid using virtual and free numbers.

Reactivating a Banned WhatsApp Number

If your account is banned, you'll encounter a message stating "Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp." when trying to access the app. However, you can reactivate your number by following a few simple steps.

Important Notes:

  • Usually, the number is reinstated within minutes the first time since the recovery process is automatic. If the ban is repeated, the activation could be delayed as the account will be manually reviewed.
  • After reactivating the WhatsApp number, it's essential to delete all queued messages to prevent re-sending.
  • Try not to scan the QR immediately after retrieving the WhatsApp number. Instead, start a conversation with your other numbers or friends, share some large files and pictures, and wait for a day or more before scanning the QR again.

Receiving a Third-Party Software Notification from WhatsApp

Upon reactivation, you may receive an email from WhatsApp indicating that you're using third-party software. This is a standard notification for all numbers that have been blocked, and it appears because the official WhatsApp application can't send a large volume of messages rapidly.

Blocked Without Sending Messages?

WhatsApp's policy applies across platforms, be it your phone or or WaAPI. Even if you scan the QR from WhatsApp Web, a block can occur, often due to reasons mentioned above, or if there are messages queued for sending when you scan the QR.

How can we assist you

Unfortunately, we are unable to help with a ban imposed by WhatsApp's algorithm. The best way to prevent blocks is to use WhatsApp responsibly and avoid sending messages without recipients' consent.

What's the most significant factor leading to a WhatsApp Ban?

Many factors contribute to a WhatsApp ban, including the number of messages and the time interval. However, the most crucial factor is when the message recipient chooses to "Block the number". The more often this occurs, the higher the likelihood of your number being blocked. It's all a numbers game - when you have 10 contacts and 5 block you, your spam rate is 50%, but if you have 1000 contacts and only 10 block you, your spam rate falls to less than 1%. Since the specifics are known only to WhatsApp's special algorithm, it's best not to gamble and instead follow all guidelines while avoiding spam or mass messages.