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WhatsApp API for everyone

We offer a simple and performant API to interact with WhatsApp. Connect your personal WhatsApp phone number with our service and be able to control WhatsApp automatically via HTTP requests.

Requirements: Only a smartphone and phone number(s)

Made by developers for developers

In our opinion, developers should focus on programming the business logic. Because of this we have created an automatically scalable REST API to interact with WhatsApp.

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Everything you need to send WhatsApps

Sending and receiving WhatsApp messages was never so easy before. We offer a high quality service with a fair pricing.

Powerful API

We provide one big REST API to control all of your connected WhatsApp phone numbers.

SSL Protected

The whole communication with our API and between our internal systems is protected with SSL certificates.

Automatic Updates

We continuously update and improve our service. But no worries, we use API versioning to support legacy API requests.

Full Privacy

We guarantee 100% privacy for your messages. We never save any interactions with WhatsApp like messages.

High Availability

Our API is monitored 24/7 with realtime updates.

Easy Payment

You can always subscribe to more billing plans if needed and unsubscribe your billing plans any time in your account.

We are running an online store. By using WaAPI, we are able to send advertisement campaigns via WhatsApp to our customers. The conversion rate is insane!

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Marketing and communication


Ideas of how to use the WhatsApp API

You still do not know why to use our WhatsApp API? Here are some examples what you can do. Keep in mind! Over 2 billion users are using WhatsApp globally. Every day!


Boost your conversion rate

If you run an online store you could for example automatically communicate with your customers via WhatsApp. Tell them about discounts, restocks or events. The conversion rate will be much better than sending emails. If you already have their phone numbers and their agreement, start sending WhatsApps instead of emails.


Create a WhatsApp chat bot

With WaAPI you can create individual chat bots for WhatsApp. Build your own chat bot and automatically respond to the people who are chatting with you. The great advantage: You do not need to create your own smartphone app and the people do not need to stay on your website.


Notify yourself or your team

Now you have the possibility to send alerts and notifications via WhatsApp. If any important events are triggered, you can notify yourself or your team by sending a WhatsApp message. You can also implement commands to interact with the triggered event.


Getting started

To get started we recommend you to read the first sections of our documentation. After that you can purchase a billing plan and start using the WhatsApp API. Every single step how to use the API is described in our documentation. Use our beginner plan to make the first experiences. After that you can scale up your instances if needed.